Medical Students

Fourth-Year Elective Information and Application

We welcome fourth-year medical students interested in Psychiatry training at UK to spend an elective month with us.

Possible elective options are listed below:

  1. Psychiatry Acting Internship: Adult Psychiatry, which would include inpatient and outpatient time.
  2. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Elective: includes inpatient and outpatient time.
  3. Triple Board Elective: (Note: does not function as an acting internship.)  During this month you have a chance to work in all three training components: usually two weeks in Pediatrics- outpatient and inpatient; one week in adult Psychiatry and one week in child Psychiatry. The actual rotation sites may differ slightly for each student based on availability and a particular student’s interests.
  4. Pediatrics Acting Internship (for applicants with interest in the Triple Board program): one month, including inpatient and outpatient experience - this is arranged through the Department of Pediatrics.
Medical Students from other LCME accredited institutions are welcome to apply for Psychiatry electives at the University of Kentucky from the courses described above. Interested students should apply using VSAS, the Visiting Student Application Service, for the current academic year with preferred electives and dates. For more information on VSAS, please visit their website or contact VSAS at or (202) 478-9878. Please visit the UK COM Visiting Student Program website. You may also contact Amber Wilson, Assistant Registrar at the University of Kentucky, for more information. Renee's contact information is located at the bottom of the above linked UK website. Renee processes the application and paperwork and the department sets up the specifics of the rotation. Housing is sometimes available through the UK Student Housing Office (859-257-3724).

At this time, we are unable to offer observerships or externships. We have a very high demand within our own institution and through VSAS for Psychiatry rotations.