Genetic variance in skeletal and dental maturity status of Caucasian dizygotic twins.

Effect of majeptil on certain somato-autonomic functions in patients with schizophrenia .

Meningoencephalitis torulosa unsuccessfully treated by amphothericin B .

Hydroxylapatite "batch" assay for estrogen receptors: increased sensitivity over present receptor assays.

Modulation of estrogen receptors in four different target tissues: differential effects of estrogen vs progesterone.

Effects of estrogen and progesterone on cytoplasmic estrogen receptor and rates of protein synthesis in rat uterus.

Human endometrial cells in primary tissue culture: estrogen interactions and modulation of cell proliferation.

Localization of estrogen receptors in uterine cells. An appraisal of translocation.

The stability of the uterine estrogen receptor when complexed with estrogens or antiestrogens.

Estrogen-binding properties of cytoplasmic and nuclear estrogen receptors in the presence of Triton X-100.