Visualization of flow structures in Fontan patients using 3-dimensional phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging.

Experimental and numeric investigation of Impella pumps as cavopulmonary assistance for a failing Fontan.

Uniquely shaped cardiovascular stents enhance the pressure generation of intravascular blood pumps.

Hemodynamic Modeling of Surgically Repaired Coarctation of the Aorta.

Simulating hemodynamics of the Fontan Y-graft based on patient-specific in vivo connections.

Preliminary clinical experience with a bifurcated Y-graft Fontan procedure--a feasibility study.

Comparing pre- and post-operative Fontan hemodynamic simulations: implications for the reliability of surgical planning.

Numerical and experimental investigation of pulsatile hemodynamics in the total cavopulmonary connection.

Treatment planning for a TCPC test case: a numerical investigation under rigid and moving wall assumptions.

Haemodynamic comparison of a novel flow-divider Optiflo geometry and a traditional total cavopulmonary connection.